Dog House Information and Insulated Dog Houses

The two main dog house types are wooden and plastic. A common question for those who are shopping for dog houses is whether wood or plastic dog houses are better? Ultimately the answer depends on your taste and what your are trying to accomplish.

A Dog House can keep your pooch warm in cold weather and cool inwarm weather. An insulated dog house is what every dog needs for comfort. Insulated houses will also keep a dog cooler in the summer when the temperatures are high and the sun is beating down upon your backyard. If you looking for a good dog house, an insulated dog house is exactly what every dog owner needs.

Most insulated dog houses are constructed using nitrogen insulation. This will keep your pet warmer in the winter and cooler in the warmer summer months. Nitrogen insulation is up to three times warmer than that of a regular plastic dog house. Some insulated dog houses offer a vent to allow for better ventilation in the house.

When choosing an insulated dog house, it is important that the house is not too big or too small for the animal. The warmth in an insulated dog house is made by the dog’s body heat. This is why it is important that the house is not too big, otherwise much of the body heat will be lost.

A dog needs enough room to be able to stand up, turn around, and lay down in his house. The dog should be able to comfortably stretch out while lying down. It is important to measure the pooch before purchasing a dog house. This will ensure the correct size is purchased.

Add a pad
Many people choose to add a nice pad to the floor of the house to assist in keeping their pooch cozy and warm during the winter months. Another great idea is to purchase a heated pad. These special heated pads can be purchased from many pet supply stores. A heated pad will really help to keep an insulated house nice and toasty.

An insulated dog house is a great investment for anyone with a canine who spends time outdoors during the winter or hot summer months. An insulated dog house will give any pet owner the peace of mind he/she needs on those chilly nights or during the hot summer.

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