Dog Kennel Shopping Information

Types of Dog Kennels

How do I determine what Dog Kennels, Dog Pens, Portable Dog Kennels or Dog Runs to buy? Dog Kennels are usually made of a steel wire mesh with small rectangles, wide rectangles or chain link fencing. Dog kennels should be used based on the space available, the kind of dog and the behavior of the dog. A dog kennel for a small dog would use a lighter gauge wire mess than a larger more aggressive dog that would require a heavier wire mess.

Many modular dog kennels do not have exposed edges that can harm your pet so they are good for two reasons. Your pet will be safe inside the dog kennel and they are usually much easier to assemble. Many can be used as a portable kennel or use it can be used for a permanent installation.

Multi Unit Dog Kennels

Find out more information on Dog Kennels, Dog Pens, Dog Runs, Portable Dog Kennels, Multi-Run Kennels and Dog Containment Enclosures before purchasing.

Tips for Dog Kennel Safety - Things to look for.

Here are a few safety tips you should remember if you choose to purchase dog kennel fencing:

1) Rust can cause a lot of problems to the dog kennel fence, your dog and to you. It would be a good idea to spray some rust-proof material on the fence like Rustoleum. It is better to choose a dog kennel that has a dipped galvanized coating or with another rust-proof finish that will not harm your pet. Some fencing material can be powder coated or the wire is covered with a plastic covering.

2) Take care of the edges of your Dog kennels. Your dogs will nibble at the wire fencing when they are bored. Make sure the edges of the fencing material are blunted out so they are not sharp and can not cut your pet. You could also put weather-proof tape around the edges to protect your dogs if it becomes frayed.

3) Make sure your dog kennel is anchored to the ground firmly. Sometimes in anxiety your dog is likely to rip or pull at some fastenings. Take care that all fastenings secure or they are firmly grounded.

4) To clean the dog kennel fences try not to use a material that could affect the galvanized material of the fence. Look for dog kennels that have raised legs because they allow for easier and faster cleaning using a water hose.

5) If your dog is a leaper and can scale large objects you may need to consider purchasing a top for your kennel made from the same wire mesh material of your dog kennel. Many Dog kennel manufacturers have wire mess tops and dog kennel covers which are commercial grade tarps to protect your pet from the harsh weather elements.